Replant the Field

When you decide a field needs to be replanted, the second consideration that should come to mind is; can I get this field drained first? Fields that need replanted due to rain have undoubtedly had to be replanted in the past and that field will only get worse in the future due to continued compaction.

If water issues lead to the conclusion that a field needs to be replanted for insurance, erosion or any similar reason not tied to raising a viable crop, then even stronger consideration should be given to drainage.

Water Management Plan

An NRCS Drainage Water Management (DWM) plan is structured so that you can manage the water table to improve crop conditions and limit the amount of water leaving the field during the winter months. We would hope to use the structures in the tile system to keep the water elevated near the surface of the ground from November 15th until March 15th. From March 15th thru June 31st we would allow the tile to drain off all possible excess water to enhance crop conditions. Then use July and August as a time to raise the water level as needed (12 to 18 inches below ground level) to assist the crop through the usually dry months. The tile would be allowed to run open during September through November15th in order to decrease compaction and keep the ground dry during harvest.

Research has shown that DWM can reduce total nitrogen outflows by 40 to 60% while enhancing yields.

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